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Oops. It is already March. Like I mentioned in my January blog, time flies….way too quickly. And even more quickly when there is a lot to do.

In January we worked in another village with the PICD (Participatory Integrated Community Development) process. The main item for me that came up was the different conflicts the people experience in their community, about land, about water, about a particular school, personal and interpersonal. A community action committee was formed and they will work on the problems that the community identified.

Women thinking about their activities during 24 hours

In the meantime we received a mail from Help A Child, our donor, that the annual narrative and financial reports should be handed in January 31. However, we received this mail only on January 27. Of course, we should have known that the date for these reports were due January 31, but we were just too busy. We managed to send them in by the middle of February, just before a weeklong visit of four members of Help a Child, who came to see how we did in our program and they did an Organizational Capacity Assessment. As it appeared, we have a lot to improve and for me their visit was a time of learning.

The past week Abraham and I have been in Bujumbura, Burundi, for a workshop with Help a Child and their partners in the Great Lakes Region (Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Congo) to strengthen the alliance that we are forming and to work together on one all including proposal to be handed in this year to the Dutch government for 2011-2015.

A great moment for me was my visit with two old friends and brothers in Christ who I know from my time at the Belgian Bible Institute. I was invited for a meal at Macaire’s place (he is a pastor in the Anglican Church of Burundi) and met with his family, while I also met with the family of Onesime (who works as a chaplain). He and his wife were invited for, the delicious, dinner as well.

In February, just before the visit of the Help a Child people, we had the dedication of the rescue home, the church calls it Bethsaida, for the orphans and mama Anna. They have a much better place to live now. It looks great and though we are still making improvements, they are happy there.

Before the cutting of the ribbon

In the first week of February we accepted a two week old baby into the home. Her father was desperate after losing his wife to lightning. He tried and had a family relative nursing the baby. But she wanted to go back home and her child was already almost a year old. He called Likambo and he and Teresa, Abraham’s wife who is a nurse helping us to take care of the orphans, went to see the baby. She is doing fine and growing. She’s a cute little thing, sleeping a lot and only crying when she’s hungry.


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