Admin, admin,…and again admin

That is what life’s all about. Administration and finances. And it makes me tired. Also, a couple of discouragements have entered my life. My cat, heavily pregnant so that I thought that that day she would give birth, died that very day and in the same week one of the babies of our child rescue center died. He was already hospitalized but I thought he was slowly doing better. He died of dehydration.


Fun things are that I have a new kitten, Rafiki, who is very used to my place already in the short time that he is here. Also I will go for a short holiday. No this time I will stay in the country and go to Oicha and Beni. Former Beni missionaries Tim and Susan Stabell are in Beni for a couple of weeks and their son Mark, TIMO member in Mozambique, will come as well for a visit. It will be great to visit with them and all other friends in Beni, Oicha and Bunia, where I will pass on the way.


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