I have been out of Adi for three weeks! Yeah! The first week I was in Bunia staying with missionary friends. And I did nothing more than resting, reading and at the end visiting friends who study at the University Shalom. I received some visitors as well which was nice.

Then I went with the vice-president of CECA 20 (the church AIM works with in Congo) to Beni by car. Better roads than in the north and even from further north of Eringeti the road is a tarmac road! I remember it being a dirt road which I cycled from Oicha to Eringeti health center when I lived in Oicha. And it goes all the way to Beni where they are still working on it.

But travel in Congo can be hazardous, and we had problems twice. Near Irumu we even lost the whole tire…fortunately we were not driving fast.

In Beni I met with Tim and Susan Stabell and son Mark. It was great to see them again after about 14 years. Mark works with AIM in Mozambique. Susan and I went on Monday morning to Mabakanga Health Center to teach about AIDS (thus my question mark with the holiday because I did some work; it was different though). And I also spent some time talking with people from an NGO working in AIDS prevention and care.

In Oicha I met many, many friends. It was great. And together with Susan and Mark I followed Nerie on home visits to people living with AIDS and families where they take care of orphans. Nerie is the only nurse working full-time in the AIDS ministry in Oicha and she is almost working 24/24. People living with AIDS just come to her house, even at night, for food, shelter and medication. Two other nurses are said to work in the program, mainly on Thursdays, but they are taken away often as well for hospital or nursing school activities. I talked with Matambo, one of the other two, about administration, reporting and planning with the thought of asking for possible funding.

Back in Bunia I spent time with the people of the medical coordination thinking about the structure of the AIDS program together.

Friday June 4 I returned to Adi and found everything was fine. Now it is work again. I’m typing the Bangala version of ‘Choosing Hope’ into the computer and want to have the first chapter printed for the students at the Bible school tomorrow.

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