In full swing

Dear readers,
I’m already back in full swing at work and it is busy. Two weekends my program was really packed. The first Sunday, July 4, some of our program staff, Abraham with his wife, Benjamin and I, went to Ariwara for the dedication of a new CECA 20 church section. Reverend Kokole Idring’I, church president of CECA 20, preached a brief but powerful sermon. He came with us to Adi and he stayed with me for a week. He attended a staff meeting of our AIDS Awareness Program on Tuesday, when we met also with some of the board members. Several important decisions were made.

On Saturday 10 July four of our staff, Moyindo, Benjamin, Likambo and I, went to Keri, a small village close to the borders with Uganda (around 10 meters) and Sudan (around 1 kilometer). We showed the Pelendo film during the evening for a crowd of around 250-350 people. It is difficult to count them when it is dark. Pelendo was an evangelist in the Ubangi region of then Zaire and he died in 1969 when he was 80 years of age. His testimony had a great impact on the viewers and when an appeal was made to accept Jesus as Savior, at least thirty people came forward. Among them was the oldest son, ten years old, of the Congolese missionary evangelist ministering in Keri.

The next day they held a baptism service. Seven young people testified by their baptism that they want to follow Jesus. It was a great service, a bit long, but also this event made an impression on the people of Keri, many of whom don’t know the Lord. Pray for them that they will know Him, Who also wants to be their Savior.

At six o’clock I was home, and went to bed to rest. Thus I only saw the second half and the two extensions of the World Cup finals. The teams were of equal strength. And to me, Iniesta was offside when he made the goal for Spain, but never mind, the Dutch were second. Well done guys!

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