AIDS Awareness Activities

Yes! We are active and really at the moment a lot is happening.

First of all, we have two teams of translators working on the translation into Bangala and Congo-Swahili of the video materials of “Let Your Light Shine”, materials about children and HIV/AIDS. Two producers of this material will be here in Adi for two weeks and might even already arrive next week! They will be working on the dubbing (so the translation really should be ready by Wednesday next week!). Plus…they have said they are willing to help us get going with our DVD production.

One sketch is ready and yesterday all the actors came together to work on it. That is, except our main actor unfortunately. Because the play includes a classroom scene in primary 5, more than 50 children gathered as well for rehearsal, even some younger than 10-12 years of age. It was great to see how they were really getting into the play. Likambo, one of my co-workers and a former teacher, did a good job with them. He will play the teacher in the play, by the way.

This afternoon we will have our second meeting, with the main actor this time!

Likambo with the children

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