About dubbing, filming and hard work

We had a busy week when the visitors from Arca Associates, producers of the HIV/AIDS materials “Let Your Light Shine” were here to do the dubbing into Lingala and Congo-Swahili. Translation was still going on, which meant for Abraham and me typing it into the computer in the evenings to keep ahead of things. Dubbing was in a ‘studio’ on my veranda and was done by Marvin Orellana, assisted by Abraham and voices of different people.

Dubbing "Let Your Light Shine" in our "studio"

Meanwhile Peter Clark was checking how many voices we needed for the dubbing, and he made himself available to film our sketch, which was called by them a short movie.


Everything went well. I was really taken by the children in the sketch/movie. They did extremely well.

General rehearsal with the children

Now it is up to me to put all the films taken to the right order, with the right music, with the right cutaways, film some new ones (am already thinking about some I would like to be there)…and I just don’t feel up to it. I have been watching some of the shooting today and see a big mountain before me of editing. I am praying that God will give me the wisdom to do a good job that will give him the honor and glory.

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