Member Care while Managing Crisis

End September/beginning of October Abraham, consultant of our AIDS program, and I participated in a workshop with the above title. We talked about crisis, trauma, grief, loss, practiced debriefing, and much more. At that time I didn’t know that a crisis was ahead of me. Even the morning that it happened, everything started out okay. The bus from Kampala to Arua left ten minutes late, and two hours later it stopped for some leg stretching and a short call for the passengers. Back in the bus I didn’t notice anything amiss…until the next stop, about half an hour later. The guy next to me left the bus and just after that I noticed that the padlock of my bag was not locked as I had left it. Opening it I found a carcass of a very old laptop and not mine…I realized immediately that my laptop had been stolen, together with the cable. However, when we looked around for the thief (the bus was still at the stop) he was nowhere to be found. Yep, and then you realize that a lot of information and all saved emails and email addresses have been lost. I informed the AIM office in Kampala to change passwords, and help me with those things that I couldn’t do, text a message to Abraham who was still in Kampala and would come to Arua the next day. Loss, grief, guilt…all emotions that went through my mind and heart.  Not as much for the computer but for the information that I’d lost. Fortunately I had put a lot on an external hard drive (although not all), and while in the same compartment of my bag with the laptop, it was still there!

And while in Arua, I bought another laptop for personal use. And that is just as well, because another loss occurred. Sunday 17 October I spilled hot coffee (only two or three drops) on my work laptop and it refused service the day after. So…now I am working on a new laptop that doesn’t have all the advanced possibilities of the other two, like a fire wire possibility that helps copying films from my video camera to my computer. And I am doing editing!!! Fortunately all the clips were on the external hard drive already!

So, pray for this editing that we might be able to launch to movie on December first, World AIDS Day. There’s still a lot to do with it.
I have an item of praise also. “Choosing Hope”, a manual about AIDS for the Bible Schools, has been translated into Bangala, and I will bring that to be printed tomorrow to the press in Arua!!! Praise the Lord.


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