Chilling in Kampala

Yes, I am still in Kampala. Monday 10 January I arrived here and because the car had not yet arrived for service I waited one week. Two colleagues arrived with the car on Sunday 16th but when it was ready one of them, Abraham, had to go for a funeral of the sister-in-law of his daughter in Kenya. Sooo, we are leaving tomorrow.

The extended free time was spent reading, resting and relaxing. Also, an old friend from Oicha times, who now works for AIM Central Region Office, celebrated her birthday and we celebrated it with her! I stayed with her during the last week as AIM Guesthouse was full to the brim and I enjoyed cooking for her as she came home close to 6pm every evening, and once it was 8pm, but then she had gone to cell group of church.

Birthday party

Another good thing of my stay in Kampala was that when Abraham was here as well, we went together to Uganda immigration where I got a multi entry visa for a year. Now, mind you, I will not stay for another year as I will come on home assignment, but it beats having to pay $50 every time I enter Uganda from Congo. I only need to enter three times to have made profit already because I just paid $100 for it.

So, tomorrow it is back to Adi and back into the whirl stream of ministry. Because our AIDS Program is now under the responsibilities of the medical coordination of CECA and no longer under the church president, and because Help A Child (HAC) will finance health and education ministry of CECA as well, there will be changes in our program organization. It only is not clear yet which changes will be made. Abraham will go to Bunia in February to talk about that with someone from HAC and the leadership of the church, health and education departments. However, please pray for these changes ahead and the meetings in Bunia.


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