Orphan Rescue Center Bethsaida

It has been two years that the LRA brutally attacked the town of Aba in the North-East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many people fled. Mama Anna as well. She fled to Ingbokolo, further south. There she and the orphans she was taking care of in Aba and who fled with her, were provided with shelter in an old compound behind the Red Cross office. Humanitarian aid was given through Samaritan’s Purse, but the need of Mama Anna and her orphans was far greater, also because, when local people heard that she took care of orphans, they started bringing their orphans to her. Newborn babies of whom the mother had died during childbirth were handed over to Mama Anna to care for. How could she do it? Those babies needed baby formula, almost non-existent on the Congo market, and if there, very expensive.

Mama Anna with one of the babies in 2009

Some of the orphans in 2009

The CECA 20 church in Ingbokolo felt compassion. They saw that the two small rooms where Mama Anna and the orphans lived was almost falling down. They made sure that Mama Anna could move to some new rooms, originally meant as the church guesthouse. But the assistance they can give is limited. And the private donations that come in for the Center don’t reach very far either. We need more help for Mama Anna and the 15 orphaned children, of whom the majority are primary school age children or younger.

Moving to the church property, February 2010

Mama Anna with some of the children, December 2010

Can you help? Thanks.

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