Calmer waters

However…that does not mean that I have nothing to do. I have been busy enough, and am still busy, writing project proposals to send off to organizations that can fund part of the AIDS Program. I like to cut it up to pieces so that in case one donor finishes its donation, the whole program is still with funding from other donors. That might be for other activities, but still we can be more active than we are now.


Women of the Good News

One of the projects for which I am looking for funding is a project to write a book for the Women of the Good News, the Women’s Group in Church, which will contain chapters about different topics, like how to find a partner, courtship and marriage, relationship between man and woman in marriage, sexual intimacy, HIV/AIDS and many others. I have contacted several women (from Adi, but also from Beni, Bunia and Aru) to write those chapters and mainly I will do the final editing. With the women in Adi we will check the contents of the chapters as well.


Income generating activities

These are continuing in Abedju and Adi/Ingbokolo. Gardens, animal husbandry and a project to sell salted fish at the market. These funds did not come from Help A Child but from AIM (Africa Inland Mission Canada) which makes it possible to continue. Last year they already started by planting one garden with soya, beans and peanuts and another with medicinal plants. They continue with this and started with the fish project. Here in Ingbokolo a project just started to raise sheep (they need to be bought but money has been given already) for Bethsaida, the Child Rescue Center. This will help them with their income. Also a pig project will start in Ingbokolo.


And the last week I have been in Kampala to participate in a workshop called: “Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills”. Lots of things were thought over, discussed, and practiced. It cannot be grasped in one week, I need more study of the material and plan to take the manual with me when I go on home assignment next month.

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