April-June 2011

I’ve come in calmer waters the last three months. Fortunately. However, I’m not sitting still and work continues. Also, the packing has started for my home assignment.

AIDS Program
The work means that I have been writing program plans for activities of the AIDS Program in Adi-Aru so that we can ask for money. Because without money certain activities cannot be organized. Like the training of hospital personnel by doctors of the National AIDS Program so that after this training the hospital is authorized to start with Voluntary Counseling and Testing and treatment with ARVs (the medication that diminishes the strength of the AIDS virus). Like the organization of film shows to reach the young people. And I have also started with some women to write a book for the ‘Women of the Good News’ (the women’s group in the church). This has only just started, but the women are full of enthusiasm.
I would like to see much more involvement of the church with the sensitization about AIDS and the problems it brings to the community as well as the assistance of people living with AIDS (and this is exactly what we plan to do the coming time). This is possible by starting ‘Support and Action Groups’ in every local church. This was the topic of the first radio broadcast over the local radio station on June 9. Two weeks ago I met one of the provincial delegates in the government at a friend’s home and he asked why the radio broadcast had stopped. After my explanation he said he would talk with the people of the radio. And he did. The weekly broadcasts have again started. The radio director of Radio Savane Energie did ask me to head this broadcast. So…

The radio technician

And me behind the microphone


In a way money is needed for every activity, if only for transport and fuel for the generator so that we are able to show films. Together with people from CECA and the medical coordination Abraham has worked to get the program in the Djugu district started. This will be funded by Help A Child (although their financial contribution is less than it was, and is being cut more and more). The work is a collaboration of the health coordination (including AIDS) and education.
What God wants me to do…I don’t know. Do I stay in Adi, do I go to Djugu??? I have no idea and refuse to worry about it right now. First…

Home assignment
My home assignment will start on June 29 when I arrive in The Netherlands. I’m looking forward to it. I know I need it. The coming two weeks (I’m writing this June 10) I still have a lot to do. Packing, cleaning house and at the moment a friend is visiting from Bunia to make sure that equipment of the AIDS Program will be moved to Djugu. Yesterday we were in Abedju to visit a micro-credit project, take photo’s and hand out stuffed bears to orphaned children.

This little girl is happy with her new toy

Women working in the peanut and maize garden

I also have been asked by the local radio Voice of Life in Arua to share my experience as a listener. I’m usually listening to some TWR programs, but also to local broadcasts, music etcetera, and they want to know how to improve as to get more listeners. This will be June 24. I will leave Adi June 23 and want to go to Kampala on June 25. June 28 I will board the plane that will bring me to Schiphol June 29.
During my home assignment I want to start with rest, although some activities have been planned already, like a meeting with the mission committee of my home church. Also a home assignment conference of AIM in England, followed by the Reveil Week (Revival Week – Yes!) and in August a walking holiday with a friend in Austria. I’m really looking forward to this. No computer!


PS. It is now Monday 13 and after a busy morning packing the car with equipment of the AIDS Program CECA wants to use in Djugu district, a meeting with the Adi section pastor and the president of the board of the AIDS Program in which they again expressed their disappointment that the program will leave here, that they want to see a lot more happening, then I understand them. I feel the same disappointment that it had to be this way. I would have like to see it different. Then I don’t want to leave, and on the other side I like to step in a car with my luggage and come straight away to Holland. Then I am asking for the one hundred time what God is planning. I want to peek forward how the situation will be in a couple of years or even next year. Always I end up with the text in Jeremiah 29:11-14a (my text for this year). God knows what plans He has for us, plans to bless us, and plans to give us hope and a future. I want to talk hold of this. I want to search Him and He will let Himself to be found. God gives me this assurance. God is my assurance.

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