My heart cries with grief. I’ve just learned that Sipula, one of the orphans of Bethsaida, died last week of malaria. She was only 19 months of age. An orphan of her mother, who died with Sipula’s birth, she was brought to Mama Anna to be taken care of. A cutie with long curly hair.

Sipula in February 2010

The last time I saw her, she was, although having suffered from malnutrition at the end of 2010, a small pensive but happy child receiving a doll.

Sipula in June 2011


She was sick with malaria and because of lack of money to pay the hospital bill, she was not brought for treatment. And that hurts as well. Bethsaida needs financial support for medical care for the children, for food, for the children to be able to go to school… If money will not be made available through support of the children, where will they end? Will they die, like Sipula, will they end up in the streets, like so many children in Congo, will they…??? You can fill in the scenario.

Please, let’s join together and help these kids.

Sipula on the lap of Mama Anna with some of the other orphans of Bethsaida