World AIDS Day

It is a strange thought that World AIDS Day has passed today and I have not been involved in its activities. Last year we had the premiere of our movie, a march and a manifestation in Ingbokolo, and again two days later in Abedju. This year our team was disbanded because of the end of financial support and I left for home assignment in The Netherlands. Where I am looking for funding as the work in and around Adi still continues. Two former team members, Bhayo and Likambo, are still involved in teaching at the churches and training pastors about AIDS and how to help those with AIDS. I am grateful for what they are doing.

Bhayo (left) is also involved in working with the young people in the section of     Abedju and helps them start and continue several income generating           projects. He works as well with the people living with HIV/AIDS who unite   every month to encourage one another.

Likambo (right) works with him in setting up support and action groups in the church sections of Adi and Abedju. He is also involved with Bethsaida, the child rescue center with which we as a program became involved.

This child rescue center is much on my heart as one of the orphans died in September of malaria. She was not taken to the hospital because there was no money to take her. Her death could have been prevented and I cried when I read about it. Thus, I am searching for money for Bethsaida as well.

However, this is not the only activity I am taking upon myself. I am presenting my work in Congo in my home church and have visited several of the cell groups already. In this, I am also showing the movie UFM of AIM made about the trip several AIMers made to Congo, Chad, CAR and Sudan. People are impressed when watching it.

Furthermore I have taken up leadership of one of the cell groups in church and we have just started in studying the Gospel of John. It is a wonderful group to be with and I enjoy doing it.

Also, Phyl Penner of AIM Central Region and hostess of Matoke Inn, the AIM Guesthouse in Kampala, passed through the Netherlands before returning to Canada last Sunday.






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