Support and Action Groups

Now that I am in the Netherlands, I receive phone calls regularly from either Bhayo or Likambo informing me of the workshops they have organized or plan to organize. They are still working for the AIDS program though now on a voluntary basis. They are convinced that AIDS prevention should have first place in their activities and they are showing that in their ministry. Also, every time they call, they ask for money and that I understand. Workshops cannot be held without buying the necessities (note books, pens, but also a meal) for the participants. I could send some money, but more is needed. How much, I don’t know. They are writing a planning and budget now and I think I will receive that one of the coming days. They need money, they need the encouragement that they are doing a great job. And I am still searching for a structural financial support for all the activities of the  AIDS program.

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