Yes, I’m really counting. Only have 18 days more that I am in the Netherlands. May 5th I will fly to Uganda and will be ready to start my ministry in Congo again. Although…I have been busy here as well looking for funding for the AIDS Awareness Program but not finding it (yet). Also, I will be on the move at least until the end of June as I will attend two conferences. One will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, and is about AIDS, organized by AIM (28 May – 1 June). The second is our AIM Central Region Conference (6 – 10 June) that will take place in Uganda. What I will do the rest of June I am not sure yet. I could go back to Adi and really settle but I could take some time in Uganda (I still am due two months of home assignement really) and have a holiday, visit a park. The end of June the eldest daughter of friends will arrive at Entebbe. She wants to have a look at the work at the hospital in Adi (she is a student nurse/midwife). I am looking forward to this visit as it will be one of the few visits that I have received from the Netherlands.

Before I leave, my home church organizes a valedictory service on April 29 in Zoetermeer. You are most welcome.

Pray for the rest of my time in Holland and all the travel ahead of me.

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  1. I trust your remaining time will go well and that there will be support coming in for the AIDS work. I think the relaxing time in Uganda sounds like a good plan!

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