Travels in Congo

The first time we got stuck going to Adi.

May 10 I arrived safe and sound but after a long travel from Arua in Adi. It is rainy season and the road was full with potholes. We got stuck twice. The first time it took about one hour to get out. We started at 3.15 pm Congo time and arrived in Adi at 10 pm.

In Arua I already met up with one of my colleagues in the AIDS Program. Bhayo came to Arua to talk with me and share. It was great seeing him and taling with him.

After arriving in Adi many others welcomed me and shared. it is great to be back.

However, I am now in Aru and at the beginnning of many travels. Tuesday I went to Ariwara. First of all to arrange to unblock my Congo telephone number and that mission is still unsuccessful. When I went to vist the CECA chruch in Ariwara I discovered that the district council was taking place and I could greet many pastors and also share some of my thoughts about the AIDS Program.

Right now I am in Aru, staying with good friends from my Oicha time, Amanio and Drabiru. Sad thing is that Drabiru is in Bunia for meetings, good thing is that one of their daughters is also visiting with her two boys. The reason to stop in Aru was to get a new exit/entry visa for Congo, and that mission succeeded without any problems. It only took abut two hours, but that is normal in Congo. In the meanwhile I had a big discussion with one of the officials about AIDS. Also here in Aru, I saw many old friends and I really enjoyed that.

Tomorrow I will go to Arua and then on Saturday to Kampala.


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