Adi, Meriam and maternity

Yes, Meriam and I are in Adi. After a long trip up north and some problems on the run we arrived safely.

Meriam arrived very early on Sunday morning July first. Her plane landed at 3 am. The brother of one of the staff members of Matoke Inn was expecting a short termer to help at the orphanage in Jinja where he works on a somewhat later plane, so I could come with him to the airport. This short termer entered the arrival hall earlier than Meriam did. The problem??? Meriam’s suitcase was left at Istanbul airport. She had seen it on the band to the plane but apparently taken off again. At the airport in Entebbe she had to fill in forms, and there was a whole row of people, who had been on the same flight as she was, whose suitcase had not arrived and it was said that the suitcases would arrive the next day.

It was Tuesday when we heard that the suitcase still had not arrived and we decided to travel to Arua on Wednesday, this because of the limited time for Meriam in Adi. So, we went into town by matatu Tuesday and bought tickets, and did some other shopping. Wednesday was the long trip to Arua, it takes about seven and a half hour. And then on Thursday we traveled to Adi. Because of the rain we had a late start. It was only at 5.30pm that we left. Immigration in Uganda did not pose problems and we traveled a short cut so that we arrived at the Congo border when already in Congo. No problems there either, only the people there needed several looks at Meriam’s passport before giving it the desired entry stamp. But just past the border post, we came behind a truck that was stuck. Our driver and several others went to help and it took at least an hour before we could continue. Thus it was now Uganda time at midnight (Congo time 11pm) that we arrived in Adi. The pastor who helped me last time, was again ready to help carrying the luggage.

That weekend the church had organized a baptism service. A long service, but quite an experience for Meriam, who ate foufou (the thick porridge made of cassava flour) for the first time, accompanied with meat.

Monday Meriam started at the hospital, on internal medicine, followed by intensive care on Tuesday and the surgical ward on Wednesday. Yesterday however, Meriam felt quite at home in maternity. Also women came for their ante-natal clinics. When she left that afternoon, a woman with her ninth pregnancy had just arrived and the nurse in charge promised to call us. She called at 4pm. The woman was complete and could push. Which she didn’t. In the meantime another woman, who was already hospitalized at the gynecology ward with broken water in an pregnancy of 7 months, came up with fever and a negative heartbeat for the baby. Half an hour later the ombilical cord preceded. It was to be a c-section but the baby had died. Because the nurse and Meriam were occupied with the other woman, I went along to the operating theatre to catch the baby. However, the other woman claimed to be tired (she didn’t cooperate at all) and in the end this was a c-section as well. A healthy baby boy, although in the beginning he didn’t cry. Two other women had arrived in the meantime. One woman was still in the beginning of labor (and even now has not delivered yet as labor in the real sense has not started yet). The second woman also was hospitalized at the gynecology ward with a dead baby in the womb. She delivered just before we left at 8.45 pm. So yesterday was a busy day. But Meriam really liked it, in spite of the two dead babies and she is looking forward for her full week at maternity before we have to go back to Kampala. And I liked it as well. The nurse yesterday evening did a really good job with the mothers and also explaining to us what should be done and what was happening. Thank you Adoku.

PS Meriam’s suitcase was delivered to Matoke Inn (AIM’s guesthouse in Kampala) this week, and did arrive in Arua Friday 13. Monday here???

3 thoughts on “Adi, Meriam and maternity

  1. It is fine to read that the first impression of the work Meriam is doing is very positive..Wish you all the best for the remaining period

  2. Hi Meriam en Annemarie,
    Wat een belevenissen in de eerste week met de bevallingenn. Daar had ik ook wel bij willen zijn.
    Jullie een hele goede en fijne tijd toegewenst.
    liefs en groet

  3. Hoi Nel,
    Je mag natuurlijk altijd komen en meehelpen op de kraam. Er zijn nu twee prematuurtjes, een tweling, die we Meriam en Annemarie genoemd hebben. Ze groeien en zijn nu allebei 1800 gram.

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