More news from Adi

Many people are asking that I place photos about Meriam’s stay here in Adi to show her activities. I have taken photo’s but because of a very slow internet connection it has so far not been possible to place those photo’s. A shame but true.
However, in spite of not being able to place photo’s, Meriam is having the time of her life and is really enjoying it. This week she is in pediatrics, and today the regular nurses were both absent, and after the rounds, done by two others, she was alone and started cleaning the room where the nurses do a lot of their care. Later two others came. This weekend we will go to Abedju, about 17 kilometers away, to see the hospital there. We will stay overnight. Another experience for Meriam. One experience here by the way, is that we do not have water coming out of our taps – the generator at the hospital to pump the water has broken down and so far no spare part could be found.
Another experience is that it is cold here because it is rainy season. It rains every day and the temperature then doesn’t come over 21-22 degrees Celsius. We like to have more sunshine. I know that the people in Holland would like the same.

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