Malaria and Abedju

This weekend Meriam and I went to Abedju so that Meriam could visit another Congolese hospital. However, in weekends there is not much to do. Only at the maternity was a woman who didn’t make progress in delivering her baby. Both Meriam and I were thinking that it should be a c-section. But that only happened on Sunday morning when the baby still was not born. Meriam was called at 5 am and I arrived at 8 am and both we saw at least six to seven reasons to do a c-section NOW. Lack of progress, fatigue in the mother, breech position, fever, and…there were two babies who still had good heartbeats, to mention a few. We were present to see the c-section and the two boys started to cry when they were removed from the womb. We called them David and Jonathan. Both were doing fine that afternoon when we visited before returning to Adi.

Jonathan (left, second born) and David (right, first born) of the Abedju twins.

When we were on the road on Saturday, by motorbikes, I started to feel weird in my stomach and after eating a snack in Abedju I vomited. Feeling better afterwards, I came to the hopital for the tour and was given malaria treatment (fansidar). Half an hour later I vomited again and the rest of Saturday I stayed in bed, sleeping a lot. Sunday I felt fine. But Monday here in Adi, I vomited again and I had fever. So I started with other medication and I am slowly feeling better, though still tired.

3 thoughts on “Malaria and Abedju

  1. Hi die Annemarie,
    Wat vervelend om juist nu Meriam er is, malaria onder de leden te hebben.
    Gaat het alweer een beetje? Of blijf je nog steeds vervelend voelen.
    Hebben jullie het goed met elkaar? Ik denk dat Meriam zich wel vermaakt.
    Wat een leuke namen voor een tweeling.
    Ik denk dat Meriam haar ogen uitkijkt van wat en hoe het daar in het ziekenhuis er aan toegaat.
    Ontvang een hartelijke groet jullie beide,

  2. Hoi Nel,
    Ik voel me al een stuk beter en ben vanmorgen en vanmiddag gaan kijken op de kraam, maar er was niet veel te beleven. Jammer voor Meriam. Ze is trouwens aan het laatste boek begonnen wat jij gestuurd hebt van Karen Kingsbury en heeft ervan genoten. Het gaat verder goed. Het zal wennen zijn als ze weer weg is. Ik vind het best gezellig nu ze er is.

  3. It is now Monday July 30 and Meriam and I have arrived in Arua following an eventful ride from Ingbokolo. More about that tomorrow when we will be in Kampala. And then photos will be included. Yeah!

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