Back in Adi

Yes, I’m back at base. Since Monday around midnight. Pfff, that was the longest trip from Arua to Adi. We only left at 6pm (way too late) but I didn’t have any problems at the Uganda immigration. In Congo the road became bad, worse even than the two times that I’ve traveled it already this year. It was slow driving, and once we came to a stretch where all the male passengers jumped off the truck and started working on the road…in the dark.

Road works in the dark

On the trip from Kampala to Arua I met a Congolese colleague in the bus, also traveling to Arua. Amuda works with IPASC (Pan African Institute of Community Health) and he just came back from Washington, DC where he had attended the International AIDS Conference. That gave lots of topics to talk about and plan together for a better collaboration. It will be followed up.

Adi hospital is missing Meriam, and I know she is missing the work and the friends she has made. The head of maternity went on maternity leave when Meriam was here, and Kani delivered a cute baby girl last Saturday. I called her Grace.

Plamedi Adhoka Grace

And now…I’m slowly getting back to work. Tomorrow all the animators of the AIDS Awareness Program will come here for a meeting to see what has been done and how we can continue, without funding, because in spite of my search I have not found any, except for some gifts of friends and parents. I’m still preparing for this meeting however, not too much anymore.

One thought on “Back in Adi

  1. Hi Annemarie,
    Good to get your news and to know you arrived back safely in Adi. It was encouraging to read about Meriam’s visit and her desire to return to Congo in the future. This must bring you some joy.
    We will go on praying for more to respond to the call to serve in DRC.
    God bless

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