Visit to Godria

Is a school ever named after you? Of cause that is the case for members of the royal family. But as daughter of the King I can say that in Godria there is a primary school named ‘Annemarie’. The end of 2009 as AIDS Awareness Program we organized a week of workshops that should lead to development in the village. In the workshops ‘Participatory Integrated Community Development’ we wanted to work towards a population who was aware of its problems, but would not be leaning on others for solutions but would start using its own ressources. The participants of our workshop saw the lack of a primary school as their biggest problem. When the children were going to one of the two other primary schools in the neighborhood, they had to cross a river, and that river could rise pretty high in rainy season and crossing would be dangerous especially for the younger children.

One of the two difficult to cross rivers

In 2010 the school was opened with only the first classes but it developed into a school that could open all classes for 152 pupils, of whom 55% are girls.
Saturday 6 October Likambo, one of my colleagues in the AIDS Awareness Program, and I went to have a look after having received an official invitation.
All the pupils were ready to receive us and after a march we were presented with several short skits. One expressed the real need to have a soccer ball. More needed are the recognition of the state that the school functions, study books especially for grade 5 and 6, and a water source closer to the school. The classroom of first grade didn’t even have a blackboard, but we could give them money to solve that problem. Of course they expect me to arrange a couple of things fort hem, but I want to do that together with the parents committee, the teachers and the village people. And together with the people who work in the department of education of CECA. And together with the people who work for the hygiene in the villages.

The pupils are ready for their march

At the schoolyard with the parent commission and some pupils

– That the school now functions with all six classes
– For the collaboration of the population in the project

– That the school will be recognized by the government
– For study books, especially for 5th and 6th grade
– For a water source closer to the school
– For collaboration with institutions that can help

October first the family of the medical director of the hospital was threated with arms and robbed. Adi now is calm. Police is guarding Adi at night. The threat is not over though. Yesterday evening a nurse from Ingbokolo who returned to his village, not too far from Adi (maybe 3-4 kilometers), has been robbed of his motorbike and mobile phone. Shots were heard, even by people in Adi (not by me), but nobody got hurt.

– For God’s protection around Adi
– That no one got hurt so far

– Keep praying for God’s protection over Adi and its population
– Pray that the armed bandits will be captured

Thank you very much for your prayers. God bless.


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