Joy and sadness

Yesterday was a busy day. The nursing school had twelve students this year that passed their final exams in September and graduation day was yesterday. I was invited and it was a great joy to see these twelve new nurses (male and female) enjoy the happenings.

Before the meal however, I heard sad news. One of the children of one of the workers on the mission station had died suddenly after a very short illness. He started this morning, after drinking a cup of tea with his dad, to vomit and had diarrhea. He died shortly after these signs started. He was only six years old. So a day of joy ended with the burial of this boy, called Emmanuel. Today I went again. Please pray for the mother, Joy. She feels very sad. Pray that the presence of her new-born, Grace (born 30 October) may be a consolation for her and make her to keep her eyes on her Savior, who is a God full of grace.

Ingbokolo and Adi are calm again. People have returned home. Still we need your prayers for security to return to the country of DR Congo.