In Arua

Thursday I got a lift to Arua. One of the AIM-AIR pilot families who live in Arua was driving up from Kampala to Arua. Because I had done everything that I wanted to do, like talking finances with the finance manager of Central Region (Laura Hickey) and going to the dentist (small cavity was filled straight away), I decided to ask for a lift. When we drove towards the Pakwach Bridge we saw one single bull elephant and I took the occasion to take some pictures (of which this is one).

Bull elephant near Pakwach

Bull elephant near Pakwach

Yesterday was a day to do some shopping here in Arua that I had left to do and visiting with some friends. Also I got mail and a parcel (that I will open when in Adi, is easier that way)!!! I am waiting now for contact with my colleagues in Aru to ask if they can come to the border to pick me up. In Aru I want to do some business. However, no contact with them yet, but I could get a hold of one of my pastor friends there and he will do everything to get a hold of Alio.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are well and the work is progressing,we keep on going, our reading lately has been in Proverbs and very helpful, ecvery blessing to you and your workers John Irvine.

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