Back in Adi

And everything is back to normal. There are more military around, but they seem to be more disciplined than the ones who were around when I decided to leave for a while. I really enjoyed my time in Kampala, but enjoy very much to be back.

I entered DRC going to Aru on May 15. That afternoon our church president, Kokole Idring’i arrived in Aru as well and I could meet with him. Thursday afternoon he left for Bunia. A meeting with the administrator of the Medical District Office in Aru (Adi falls under their responsibility) was planned. He wanted to see me and talk about the program. However, because Friday was May 17, a holiday (it is the day memorizing the take over of power by Laurent Kabila from Mobutu), Drudra (yes, our former director) didn’t make it and we have not talked together yet. Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon I took part in a meeting of the CECA 20 medical districts of Adi and Aru and Saturday evening found me HOME.

Sunday a special church service was organized to install the leadership team of Adi church section and I was glad that I could be there for it. I was warmly welcomed.

During the prayer of blessing

During the prayer of blessing

And now it’s back to work. Reading reports of the four Health Districts, writing a quarterly report and preparing a meeting with the animators that will take place on Saturday June 1.

Also we are working to establish another board for the AIDS Awareness Program.

Pray for the meeting on Saturday, that will take place in Ariwara.
Pray for the formation of the new board.