A dip? Encouragement is on the corner!

Yes, I had a dip yesterday after receiving an email that I didn’t quite understand and after receiving a rejection on another funding application. I went to my room with tears in my eyes and asked the Lord what was happening. That prayer didn’t change the situation. We were still rejected the funding and I still had questions about the other email.


When I went to the AIM office a bit later, Lydia had come back from a town trip. She’s the one who always goes to immigration with applications for visa and work permits. When I asked her for news, she joked: “Radio news?” But then she showed me my visa application. YES! My application for a multiple entry visa for Uganda had been accepted…for a year. Thank You Lord. I could get a lift to the Quality Shopping Mall where there is a bank where I paid for my visa and I will go with Lydia to immigration on Monday.

In the evening I received another email. Not from the person who had written me the email in the afternoon, but this one clarified his email. Another encouragement. Our AIDS Program has been accorded the funding for the training the National AIDS Program demands it should give before the Hospital in Adi is allowed to start with VCT and the ARV treatment program! YES! Another big thank You to my God Almighty. Now some administration has to be done, and only can be accomplished when I am back in Adi, but should be done within two weeks from now. I expect that with my visa in my passport I will go back to Congo. I will be in Aru probably at the end of next week to catch up with some people and then back home.

I’m looking forward to what God will be doing next.

The General Hospital in Adi

The General Hospital in Adi

One thought on “A dip? Encouragement is on the corner!

  1. Well written Anne Marie. The Lord’s work is happening! We will pray for funding directed towards the Lord’s will in this much needed ministry. Be encouraged!

    – Troy

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