Homesick for the Netherlands

Wow. I tasted a bit of home today! And I really enjoyed it.

This morning I went to immigration with Lydia, who works at AIM Central Region Office. Into town we were accompanied by five guys, who are on their way to Southern Sudan, which was really neat getting to know them a bit.

At immigration I was told to come back Wednesday for my passport with visa. However, I might have a lift to Arua on Wednesday (it is not 100% sure yet, will hear tomorrow), so I asked if I could get it today. No, but I can come back tomorrow. Lydia already has said that she can do it for me. Thank you Lydia!

She had to do some shopping for the office and I liked to go to a bakery that I did discover in April. A Dutch bakery. Last time I did only buy nice dark brown bread, however….

The 'Brood' shop in Kampala (taken from their website)

The ‘Brood’ shop in Kampala (taken from their website)

…walking in today I discovered real Dutch appeltaart (apple pie) in the display. It looked so delicious, that I was not only tempted to eat a piece, but ordered it as well. It was delicious, like you would get it in The Netherlands. And that was not all. I also saw…stroopwafels, another real Dutch treat, which I bought also, plus a loaf of bread (for which I really went). So, the coming days I will enjoy those Dutch treats, and share them with Laura, with whom I am staying now because Matoke Inn was fully booked, and I didn’t book for longer than two weeks (in my third week now).

Appeltaart (photo taken from the 'allrecipes' site)

Appeltaart (photo taken from the ‘allrecipes’ site)

2 thoughts on “Homesick for the Netherlands

  1. Geniet van de appeltaart!
    Over iets meer dan een jaar gaan we hem als het goed is samen eten!

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