Film accomplished

That is, at least the French version. I am translating the interviews now into English and Dutch so that Laura can put subtitling under the documentary.

It is a really good film that gives an impression about the past, present and future of the AIDS Awareness Program. I would have loved to be able to put a little clip here, but my internet connection is just too slow. You’ll just have to wait, but I will make sure that the film will reach The Netherlands, UK, USA and maybe even farther away.

Thank you Laura for the good work and the encouragement that you have been, and that this film will be.

Laura at work in Abedju

Laura at work in Abedju (photo Caroline)


2 thoughts on “Film accomplished

  1. Gloire à Dieu pour ce fabuleux travail abattu en produisant une video locale sur le VIH. Je souhaiterais avoir un exemplaire de la video en format DVD. Pourriez-vous m’indiquer les modalités de payement et de livraison ici à Kinshasa? Si vous avez aussi la version en Bangala, cela me fera plaisir.

    May the Lord bless you abundantly!!!!!
    In His service,
    Eddie Ndungi
    Tabernacle Sifa AIDS Ministry

  2. am mokili felix from Abedju, i think you to this hard work you have done .I was there when you took film iwas also acter .So am happy to the result.By the way i greet and i love so much Laura with all staff,not forget Bhayo.God bless

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