Good bye to Laura

Today (19/02) Laura will leave. I will take her to Arua and will return to Adi today also. The film has been completed in the French version. Laura will put subtitling under it in English and Dutch for these countries. I have been busy translating the interviews into both languages. Sometimes it is really difficult to find the right words.

Left to right: Caroline, Laura, Badaru, Annemarie and Iyete

Left to right: Caroline, Laura, Badaru, Annemarie and Iyete

Yesterday Caroline and I prepared a surprise for Laura. Together with Badaru (AIDS Awareness Program) and Iyete (teacher of English at the secondary school) we went for a delicious meal in Ingbokolo. It was fun. And it was a big surprise for Laura. On the way back we went to see Onzi, the French teacher of Laura and Caroline. He and his family joined us for supper Saturday. We were offered another big meal, and because we couldn’t refuse we all took a tiny bit. We were still satisfied from our late lunch.

The church leaders have proposed a date for our training, 16-18 March. With around 45 participants. Many leaders will be invited together with their wives. A momentous occasion. Often only the men come. I really look forward to it. We still have a month to prepare and we want to involve Likambo as well.


Prayer and praise:

  1. Thanks for the work of Laura the past three months, that the film turned out well and is giving a realistic impression of the history, present and future of the AIDS Awareness Program;
  2. Pray for the rest of the work on the film, and the different versions with the subtitling and that it will have an impact on those who will see it;
  3. Thanks for Caroline, her enthusiasm at the hospital and the friendships with Badaru and Iyete. Pray fro French lessons;
  4. Praise for the collaboration with Badaru, the preparations for the training and the whole organization. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work already in the hearts of the people who will participate (the Kakwa chief and his wife will be among them).

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