A wedding in Adi

Reverend Balonge and Azonye

Rev Balonge and his Azonye

Rev Balonge and his Azonye

Yes, the head pastor of the Adi section has remarried. His wife died suddenly almost two years ago and it was very hard on Pastor Charles Balonge. Now he has found new happiness with Azonye. They celebrated their civil wedding on May 20 and the church wedding on May 21. It was a very big event of which the preparations started weeks ahead.

The civil wedding


May 20 was the day for the civil wedding. I had not planned to go but on the last moment was asked to drive the hospital car with the bride and some other women. The man who would be driving was sick. There was a whole procession of three cars surrounded by motorbikes. All were honking their horns and people at the roadside waved to bride and groom. Even school children, who were on a short pause, ran to the side of the road to wave and sing. The civil wedding didn’t take too long and the couple made a promise to stay together holding the Congolese flag.


The church wedding

The church the next day was full. The procession to enter the church took a long time before the bride and the groom reached their chairs.


The bride, even when it wasn’t her first marriage, was dressed in white with veil and it was up to Reverend Balonge to see if she was the bride he wanted to marry.


The church service ended with one of the choirs surrounding the couple and singing a song of blessing for them.


The church wedding was followed by a meal, prepared by the women of the church, and with which I helped as well, although not long enough.

Pounding cassava leaves for the pondu

And after the meal there was rest and relaxation for all, and some pastors took their leisure while chatting together.

Relaxing and chatting after a full days ministry

Relaxing and chatting after a full day’s ministry

PS Following problems with the internet connection, this blog is posted much later than I wanted it to be online.

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