Rest??? What’s that?

After a very good conference in Uganda, I thought to come back to a quiet home (because Caroline didn’t come back with me but stayed behind to visit other missionaries in Uganda before returning to the UK) but what does that mean, quiet? In the week and a half that I am back, I have attended the final day of two nursery schools (which was fun to see and hear what the children have learned – in French!), there was a baptism service last Sunday here in Adi. Last week I helped at the prenatal clinics with the HIV testing and counseling. This morning when I visited the maternity a lady came in who needed a c-section (a healthy baby boy, though with a face that was a bit swollen because of a facial presentation). Also, I continue with Kakwa lessons and the wife of my teacher has passed her due date to deliver their fifth child. Any time now!!! (I am knitting a sweater – almost finished). I want to continue knitting: pants, socks and cap. So will only give it when ready. I have bought something else when I was in Kampala.

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