Eclips and prayer request

Yes, I’ve seen the eclips and also the blood moon. I took pictures as well, that I will try to post here. Mind you, I’m not a professional photographer, but I tried a bit with my aperture and the like. This is the result (the better ones).


IMG_0805Prayer request

I also want to ask you to pray for grandfather Yosse. He’s hospitalized since Friday with probably a light CVA and he has problems talking, although he’s not paralyzed. He’s the man who is at least 107-108 years old. (written 28 September)

Today, 10 October, Yosse is still in hospital and his health is deteriorating. I have the impression that he doesn’t want to live anymore and that he is ready to meet his Savior and Lord. Please pray for God to take him home. His family is at his bedside.


From left to right: daugther Rael, papa Yosse, grandson Nghota (a son of Rael and chef of Adi, carpenter and one of the mission station workers)

The twins Belani and Baraka went home the beginning of this month. They were 2000 grams and 1700 grams and we expect them to continue growing.

IMG_0841 Also I can tell you that two members of the group of people living with HIV have received the cow. They were very glad.

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