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a KKT bus (taken from their website)

A KKT bus (taken from their website) -This is a far better looking bus, and comfort. I take regular.

I arrived here Saturday evening after the well-known long busride. Sunday I had a day of rest and Monday I went to Interpol to get a certificate of good behavior. This is what I need to apply for a multiple entry visa for Uganda. To have a multiple entry visa facilitates it for me to enter Uganda, which I have done quite a couple of times last year.

Yesterday I met with Tamsin, the new AIM short term missionary for Adi. We have talked quite a while and I have shown her pictures and the map of Adi on Google earth. We made a good start together.


A google earth view of Adi. Bottom is the hospital with a sign for the maternity (kraamafdeling) of the hospital.

Last week in Adi was hectic. Preparing for the trip, participating in the support group for people living with HIV Thursday morning, visiting papa Yosse at the hospital every day and not having long nights of sleep because Mapendo (my cat) was pregnant and looking for a good spot to have her kittens. I thought they could even be due before I left, but they were born the night after I left. The four of them seem to be doing well according to my house help. Danique, Mapendo’s almost two-year-old daughter is also pregnant and I don’t know when she is due.

Mapendo: quietly sleeping on the kitchen roof

Mapendo: quietly sleeping on the kitchen roof

When I visited papa Yosse on Friday morning, just before leaving Adi, I could see that it wouldn’t take long anymore. Although he seemed to be in coma, I told him that the night before I had received a message that one of the former missionaries of Adi (and she was born in Adi as well as her parents were also missionaries there), Joyce Richardson, went to be in the presence of the Lord on Thursday afernoon. I told Yosse that he could go as well as it would be a grand reunion. When I prayed for him and with the family I asked for God to take him quickly. We were on the road for about half an hour when his grandson, who came with us to Arua, received a phone call. Although it was in Kakwa, I immediately understood the message that he repeated. Yosse had arrived. Arrived in heaven in the presence of his Lord and Savior. The funeral was Saturday and I have heard that lots of people came for the final ‘good-bye’, knowing that they will see him again in heaven.

Reverend Pastor Yosse

Reverend Pastor Yosse

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