Interpol and immigration


Last week on Monday I went to Interpol to get a certificate of good conduct. When they said that I could come back on Friday I thought that it was quick. When I returned on Friday they said that their printer was not working, so could I come back on Monday around 4pm or later? Okay, but I decided to come back on Tuesday. And even then it was not ready. I decided to wait when they said that it would be ready in the afternoon. I was told that it would take at least three hours. It was nice weather, and I just waited outside. It was ready when I came back!

With the certificate I directly went to immigration. I was asked by one of my former colleagues to greet his cousin when there. So I did. His cousin workes as a senior immigration officer. I had met him before, a couple of years ago, when Abraham and i went to immigration to apply for ur first multiple entry visa. The officer remembered me. When he asked what I was doing at immigration, except to give him greetings from his uncle, I mentioned that I wanted to apply for another multiple entry visa. He looked at my papers and found everything in order, except…he said I needed a recommandation of two Ugandans. No problem. I went back to Matoke Inn and the Centrl Rgion Office and I asked two of the Ugandans who work there to write one. Yesterday I went back to immigration with the recommandations. But now the question ws if they really were Ugandans? A copy of their identity card or passport was necessary. So the story continues. Fortunately the copies were not a problem and today one of the Ugandans, Lydia, who works as assistant office manager at the office, is going back to immigration with all the papers.

Friday, when Interpol couldn’t help me, I knew Jessica (office personel department) and Tamsin (the new short term missionary for Adi) had gone into Kampala as well, so I called them and we met at a restaurant center where there are several small restaurants, and where there is also ‘BROOD’, a Dutch bakery. We had lunch there (coffee and a chocolate croissant! delicious) and I bought one loaf of multigrain bread and Dutch apple pie to share with Laura. After lunch we went to a shopping mall to look around there a bit, bookshop and craftshop. We went back to the Inn by bodaboda, the motorbike taxis.

And yesterday, before I went to immigration, I went with one of the workers at the AIM compound to a water related equipment suppliers company here in Kampala. We have a water problem in Adi. The hospital has not have a regular water supply (the week before I left a technician came to help them) and I have had my water from a cistern next to the other missionary house. The water in there was pumped up into two barrels high up outside before being pumped to my house. However, this small pump started to have problems as well. The technician who came to help the hospital said that it was because of the low water level in the cistern. The same was said yesterday. They said also that there were four solutions. The first was to wait until the water level was higher and then check the pump. Not really an option because Tamsin will live in this house and needs ideally to have water into the house. Second was to buy another solar pump. But what if the other wouldn’t need replacement? Third: buy an electrical pump (not an option, we only work with solar). Fourth: buy an foot pump. Godfrey and I looked at each other. We wanted to see that one. And when it was shown to us, it seemed to both of us a real great solution to be used as a backup when the water level is low. So in the end I decided to buy it. Now it is to see how it works.


The foot water pump, also good for exercise. The MoneyMaker Max.


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