Immigration follow-up

Today Lydia, one of the office workers of AIM went to immigration with the good hope that she would return with my passport and new visa. But no, the board of immigration did not meet on Friday and she couldn’t tell when they would. I am now not sure what to do. Tomorrow I will be going to immigration with Lydia to talk with one of the senior officers to hear what he has to say and see if he can do something. Otherwise…I might decide to go back to Adi. Over three weeks in Kampala is a long time. I have been able to do some things here for the program but when at the guesthouse last week, I haven’t really been able to concentrate because of babysitting to do. A Dutch couple was at the inn waiting for the delivery of their third baby. While she was in hospital since Saturday 31 October, all other guests looked after their two other kids (4 and 2 years old) so that was quite busy. But Amy Faith arrived safely on Sunday morning November first by c-section.

Now I am again staying with Laura, but another problem poses itself. We don’t have electricity since Saturday night. Please pray for that as well.

And I would like you to ask for wisdom for the decision I have to make about the return to Adi. If I would have been alone, probably I would have waited another week, but Tamsin (a new short term missionary for Adi) is stuck here in Kampala as well and she is looking forward to finally reaching Adi.

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  1. Praise the Lord!!! I received my multiple entry visa this afternoon and will travel tomorrow at least to Arua and maybe even to Adi. Romans 11:33-36.

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