From a warm and busy Adi I want to thank all my supporters, who support me through prayer and giving, and I want to wish you all a

Merry Christmas

A Christmas that is filled with the love of God Who sent his Son to this earth as a baby to be like us, living and walking in the flesh but without sin. He thus died at the cross as innocent for us guilty people and became our Savior, He Who opened the way for us to come freely to God. May He be with you this season and throughout 2016.

PS The above I wrote from Adi, however, I am in Bunia now where I arrived the eve of Christmas. Bunia is very dusty and loud, but overall I can relax and rest. And that is exactly what I need. I talked about the AIDS Program with Toni and Oku-Onzi (director of the medical ministry of CECA) yesterday and while here will also talk with Kokole (church president). He has been very busy though and so far has not yet found time to come and see us. Christmas dinner was delicious and with good company.

The table is set: duck, stuffings, mashed potatoes, veggies

The table is set: duck, stuffings, mashed potatoes, veggies with mango juice


From left to right: Tamsin, Toni, Monique, me, Tom and Abby


From left to right: Tamsin, Toni, me, Monique, Tom and Abby


And as desert: bananacream pie

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  1. warme huiselijke taferelen, zo belangrijk, omringd worden met geliefden in Christus Jezus

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