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I had a good trip to Arua on Saturday, after the dedication of Tamsin’s place with prayer, meditation and lunch and a visit to a terminal old woman who is the mother of a very good friend (I will meet her again in heaven, of that I am sure),

After a good sleep I took the loooong bustrip to Kampala, and we made good time. From 9.30am till arriving at Arua buspark at 5.30pm. Kampala traffic was quiet! And I arrived at Matoke Inn in time for supper.

Monday was rest and relaxing. Plus I had a talk with the BEO of AIM Central Region.

Today was known by a sleep in, a bath, reading and watching short clips on my computer. Now I will go for a needed siesta, before having supper, a quick shower and good byes. I will leave at 8pm for the airport. and then…


PS Good news as well from Adi. The wife of Dr. Aimé has delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday!!!

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