Yes, we have one. While the center of the ebola virus is west of Beni and more than 650 km south of us, we have been put on alert. This because busses go from Beni north to Bunia and from there to Aru and Ariwara. And Ariwara is only 45 km south of us. And there is daily traffic between Ariwara and Ingbokolo.

Tuesday we had a talk of doctors of MSF (Médicins Sans Frontières) about ebola and how to take preventive measures. These have started already, as everyone coming to the hospital is obligated before entry of the reception area to wash his hands, and also when leaving the hospital.


Handwashing (with water with chlore) after entering the hospital is obligatory.

In spite of the alert, work continues as usual and I have been involved in the testing for HIV of pregnant women. And will continue that as well, while keeping myself informed about the situation.

Pray that the medical personnel will be really alert and have wisdom to recognize possible cases if they are there. Pray then that we can isolate and treat the patients according to the stict rules. But above all, pray for protection and that Adi Hospital will not be touched.

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