Second workshop ahead

As you remember, in April we had our first ‘Channels of Hope’ workshop in the church district of Aba. The end of this month, we’ll go to the church district of Watsa. The town of  Watsa is in the center of a mining area, and we suspect the prevalence of HIV infection is high. However, we do not have statistics, and I doubt we will get them, as people are still afraid to come forward for testing.

I will not go with Claude, as he is working and cannot get off. But I have found another of the nurses of the hospital willing to go with me. Ayila is the nurse who is heading the treatment program of the hospital for people living with HIV and although he still needs to get acquainted with the lessons of ‘Channels of Hope’, he has participated in the workshops of the National AIDS Program and he is involved in a lot of counseling. I fully am convinced that Ayila will be capable of teaching the workshop. The next two weeks he will have holiday already and we will take time together to go through the theory and the logistics, and buying food and other things necessary for the workshop.

Please pray that all will work out, like the transport and the logistics and also all the other preparations.

Lighting candles, a sign of commitment (during the workshop in Aba district)

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