Already December

Wow, time flies. Even more so when the end of the year approaches. And it comes close in rapid steps. This year I have seen God’s hand upon my work and my life.

We have given two workshops for church leaders about Channels of Hope. In both the members of the church district were full of enthusiasm to follow the teaching. Also the two nurses with who I have been working were thrilled to pass on the information. The only question that still have not been solved in my thoughts is whether to give it in French or in Bangala. It’s still a dilemma.

Teaching how to be a Channel of Hope

I have been able to be a channel of hope for the treatment program of people living with HIV of the hospital. We still had problems with the provision of supplies (like medicines food and tests) and the ability to do home visits. Through AIM Netherlands I was alerted on a possibility for financial support and the program is now supported for 14 months.

Bethsaida, our project to support orphans because of HIV to go to school, continues this school year with 28 students of primary and secondary school. We organised a retreat the beginning of November and it was great to see the new students who entered this year.

At the maternity I am still involved in the testing of the women who come for ante-natal clinic. It is difficult to give a HIV positive result. Once a 20-year old woman ran away crying that she had AIDS. We were already wondering how to find her. However, two weeks later she came back. She had been thinking and was now ready to start with ARV. Again two weeks later she came back with her mother who wanted to know how she could help her daughter. What an encouragement that was for me.

Now we’re approaching Christmas. I am preaching tomorrow about the announcement of the birth of Jesus to Mary. She was ready to do as the Lord said. She gave birth to a son, who became her Saviour. Is He yours?


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