My name is Annemarie Boks, am Dutch and a nurse with a Master’s in Community Health from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicines. I took this course after we evacuated from DRC in 1998. Since returning to Congo in 2002 I have been working in the AIDS Awareness Program of the CECA 20, the church with which AIM is working in Congo. First based in Bunia, then Aru and now I live in Adi.

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  1. Hello Annemarie

    Just wanted to commend you for your hard work, I wish I could someday be of help and do the sort of work you do. At present I am in the UK, but originally a Congolese mixed with Sudanese. But in our African context I am Congolese because my late father is from there. My district is actually not too far from Ingbokolo, its called Dongoro and the village is Pangunya. I was last there in January 2014. I would like to visit you people one day when I come back maybe next year. Once again keep your good work up and many blessings from the Almighty God.

  2. My name is MUHINDO Obadiah, from Mangina Beni, I’m now living in Uganda, I’m very happy for that hard work you are doing for the people of God. May God gives you his abundent blessing.

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