Bethsaida is a Child Rescue Center in Ingbokolo. It started in 2009 when Mama Anna, a widow in her sixties at least, fled Aba for the atrocities of the LRA. With her she took the fourteen orphans she was taking care of. In Ingbokolo she was helped by the organization put in place to help the displaced people, including the local Red Cross and the local churches. In 2010 she moved to another shelter, now on the properties of CECA 20 where she lives with 13 orphans. Some of the orphans she took care of in Aba were reunited with relatives, but in Ingbokolo she started to take care of babies that were taken to her for care. The church tries to help but more aid is needed to provide the children with food, clothes, medical care (in September 2011 a 19 month old girl died because of malaria) and school fees (9 of the children are in school).

2012: several of the children went to live with family, like twins Caleb and Myriam who moved to Aba to return to their father. Left are Likiso who helps Mama Anna in the care of the children; Sami, who is still too young to go to school (he is three years old), and there are six childen who go to school. Dieumerci is the only one who goes to secondary school in the first year. Emmanuel (6th grade), Aresa (5th), Ayingha (4th), Drumo (3rd) and Arataki (2nd) are still in primary school.

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