Support Groups for PLWHA

Thursday March 5 was a big day! The day of the creation of a support group for people living with HIV/AIDS in Abedju. Abedju isn’t too far from Adi (about 17km) but it is another CECA church section. The pastor working in Christian Education, Bhayo Leeku, is really active in counseling PLWHA and he gets things going. In November he organized a conference to create support and action groups (SAG) in the local churches. These SAG consist of members of the church who are willing to teach about AIDS in their community and be involved in the care for PLWHA and AIDS orphans. Now he had organized the start of a support group for PLWHA in Abedju section. This group consists of PLWHA who come together to share and to encourage each other. Some 200 people were present Thursday, of whom at least half were living with HIV/AIDS, and we taught about the support group, about SAG, and about the importance of being tested for HIV. 47 persons came forward to be tested. I don’t know how many of them will be tested positive, but I can let you know. It was a busy, but very fruitful day and I think that Abedju will be a model section for other church sections and we will certainly use members of the AIDS team there to help teach others.

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